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Sagittarius Horoscope for 2017



Spirit: Spirituality, Beliefs, Responsibility, Shadow

Color: White

Places to roam: Cuba, Burma, Greenland

Activities to master: Wrestling, Magic Tricks, Chiropractor Training (Chiropractor training is a type of physiotherapy that treats conditions related to one’s body structure. It relies on the diagnosis and adjustment of the body parts instead of depending on surgery or drugs.)


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiacal circle, and those blessed with this Sun sign fall between November 22 and December 21. As the archer symbolizes this zodiac sign, it should not be a surprise that these individuals are absolute lovers of freedom. They are optimistic, spontaneous, and fun to be around. With their aversion to conforming to “normality,” they end up inspiring others in the process. However, they are also notorious for running away from commitment. 


Let’s see what 2017 has in store for these free-spirited souls!


The General Feel


While most Sagittarians could not wait for 2016 to get over, it should not come as a surprise that 2017 is not going to get any easier. In sagittarius zodiac sign most probability, 2017 will continue in the same manner due to the pressure of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. It would be best to come to terms with this realization and accept that the current year, along with the previous one, teaches you lessons on faith, responsibility, and understanding that the flow of circumstances is sometimes out of one’s control. It will prove beneficial to Sagittarians that Jupiter is in the sign of Libra, providing a touch of luck to everything they come in contact with. It will also give them the optimism and the support of their pals to endure any situation, no matter how difficult they might get. 


The ruler of this sign, Sagittarius, will be its shadow, which started moving through its retrograde zone even before the year began, only to begin its backward motion in February again. Luckily, this is also the month when Mars will move through the sign of Aries, providing Sagittarians the healthy energy they require to build a solid focus to reach their desired goal. With the forward movement of Jupiter, it will evoke a sense of hope in them. Then it will enter the sign of Scorpio and hide in their twelfth house. This is why autumn will introduce many secret benefactors into the lives of these individuals, especially those who embraced the pressure of Saturn and worked hard to reach their aims. 


The Greatest Rewards


This is the time when these people are open to the “higher realms.” It presents them with the opportunity to contact the Universe’s rhythm and find God. It will always give them reasons to believe that they are indeed at the right place at the right time. Take some time out to relax and remember that all things happen for a reason. 


Physiology and the Body


These individuals might feel like their cognitive functions are strangely impaired lately, but they will last only for a while longer. This year they could develop eyesight problems, especially if you are surrounded by things that you no longer want to be a part of or see in life. They must widen their horizons to see the bigger picture and challenge established perspectives to avoid splitting headaches and migraines instead of blaming it on the coffee they drank in the morning. They must set a healthy routine around a lifestyle that respects their stomach. This could be the perfect time for getting into dieting if they desire to be slimmer, as well as giving up on nasty habits they may have gathered in recent years, such as smoking or recreational drugs. By the time August arrives, they will feel rejuvenated and prepared to take on any challenges that stumble their way. But autumn will again cause a drop in their immunity. So, they must eat plenty of healthy foods and vitamins to be up and going. 


Love and Family


Instead of being involved in new relationships, Sagittarians should focus on clearing up any misunderstandings in their existing bonds. Although the sign of Libra represents their eleventh house that is likely to bring along full of surprises and unexpected turns, it will also cause the issue of a lack of friendship in their romantic ventures, or vice versa. They will probably spend the first half of this year weighing the intentions of people around them. They will also realize that they are not as emotional as they feel the need to be. However, once Jupiter finds its way to the sign of Scorpio, they will handle all emotions burst back in, making them more sensitive than they will be able to control or accept. They must utilize this period to find their self-worth and the love they carry within to cherish, nurture, and treasure them. If they succeed in finding love within, it is bound to visit them in the form of potential lovers. It is essential that they ensure not to get trapped in a loveless union or give up on their romantic ideals solely due to the fear of society or rationality.


Work and Finances


In order to make money, these individuals will either have to work at night and take up extra shifts with shady people or may even have to disrespect the law. Or they will have to wait until the middle of October for things to look up finally. The pressure from Saturn might make them poor, not only in commercial aspects of life but also narrow their state of mind leading them to get obsessively worried about existential matters. They must avoid yielding to the pull of its anxiety at all costs and attempt to be as caring and giving as they usually are. If they desire to meet the needs of Saturn in their sign, they must work hard but be slow and extra cautious when it comes to making big decisions. 


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