Looking at Dual Occupancy Home Designs

A dual occupancy home usually combines land and a residential property into one dwelling. This is often done to create an apartment building which is able to accommodate small families. Such buildings are of course able to accommodate apartments too. Dual occupancy homes are ideal in many cases because they can easily be leased out to tenants.

Generally, a dual occupancy home building offers two distinct units – a living unit that is intended to be rented out to residents, as well as a separate bedroom or sleeping area for the owner. A dual occupancy home is therefore not just a multi-story structure. Rather, it combines two independent dwelling spaces into one. Dual occupancy home building designs enable the tenant or owner to easily live in both houses, rent out the second, or both, or even sell both. They offer significant advantages for investors wanting to maximise their annual income, and homeowners wishing to give greater freedom to family members while still retaining significant distance from surrounding properties.

One of the most popular dual occupancy home designs is a granny flat. A granny flat is an ordinary type of house, built for two individuals who may not share a bathroom with each other. The term granny flat is sometimes used in a context which includes a single family unit, but more commonly refers to a house that has two dwellings on the same block of land. Granny flats usually contain one room that is dedicated to the adult female occupant and another for the male adult. Some granny flat designs are designed with additional bedrooms incorporated into them. In such cases, the rooms are sometimes separated by a curtain or door.

One of the popular features of dual occupancy homes is what is called a dual key. A dual key allows for the use of a keypad for the operation of the alarm system in addition to a telephone keypad. This allows an owner to keep control of their residence and also be able to contact the police. Some units feature a keypad for the telephone as well as a master switch for activating or deactivating the alarm system. Other units may have separate keypads for the television and radio.

One of the advantages of dual occupancy home designs is that they give the individual homeowner the ability to save money and space. One advantage of this is that if a homeowner lives in a two story home, it is much easier to convert that one home into two homes. In many instances, a two-story home can be built using just one floor to accommodate its many rooms. This allows for double sinks, two televisions, and double closets. In some cases, double garage doors may be required, as well as double entry ways and hallways. These types of homes typically take up less space because of the additional living area.

Dual home dwellings are also popular because they allow homeowners to live in a residence that fits perfectly with their lifestyles. Many people who purchase these dwellings are actually retired, and do not have the time or desire to spend hours on end inside their residences. They find themselves much more satisfied with their lives and would rather spend that time outside. Because these residences are so well designed, they provide their owners with both convenience and beauty. In many cases, these dwellings come ready-made, or you can choose to have them custom designed.

In most cases, dual occupancy home designs will have some common elements between them. For example, you should expect to find a common exterior color and design on each of the residences that are being marketed. The interiors will likely all be a reflection of these colors and designs. As you look at the plans, you should also be able to recognize the appliances, electronics and other items that will be located in the house.

When you are looking at these types of dwellings, make sure that you look at everything that has been mentioned here. You should try to find two dwellings on the same block of land, and that they are similar in size, design and amenities. With this information, you can select the right dwelling for you. By taking your time and considering your options, you can easily select a two bedroom dual occupancy home designs from a reputable company.