Cricket 2007 World Cup Predictions

The initial rounds of the Cricket World Cup for 2007 are presently finished and we move into the “Super 8s” period of the opposition, beginning today (27 March). The best 8 groups – the main 2 from every one of the 4 gatherings that shaped the initial round – presently play one another, with the exception of the groups which have proactively played in the initial round. The ‘triumphant’ groups from the initial round bring 2 focuses through to the “Super 8s” stage, while the leftover 4 groups start on 0 focuses. From here on, each success is worth 2 focuses, a draw or a tie is worth 1 point.

So Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies and New Zealand start with 2 places, while South Africa, England, Ireland (indeed, Ireland!) and Bangladesh start with 0 places. Ireland endure to the “Super 8s” in their very first appearance at a World Cup to the detriment of Pakistan, while Bangladesh likewise endure interestingly, having taken out cricketing heavyweight India.

Following the “Super 8s” stage, the best 4 groups play in the 2 Semi-Finals, with the triumphant Semi-Finalists playing each other in the Final on 28 April.

Here is a brief look into the precious Prize money stone ball to perceive how the matches divert out from here (winning group in BOLD, with the gathered focuses count after each game):

27/3 – AUSTRALIA (4) versus West Indies (2) (the host country plays the supreme World Champions, the two groups beginning on 2 focuses extremely quick to dazzle at this stage, play out an excited run-feast, West Indies draw out the absolute best in Australia in a nearby completion before a gigantic group)

28/3 – SOUTH AFRICA (2) versus Sri Lanka (2) (South Africa hurting from the misfortune to Australia a couple of days beforehand and behind on the table, excessively frantic for Sri Lanka)

29/3 – NEW ZEALAND (4) versus West Indies (2) (West Indies flattened after their nearby misfortune to Australia only 2 days beforehand, ground somewhere near a strong allround execution from the Kiwis)

30/3 – ENGLAND (2) versus Ireland (0) (an excessive amount of pride in this one, it’s basically impossible that the English will allow the simple Irish to move past the highest point of them in the game they designed)